Karndean Flooring

We supply and offer expert fitting services of Kardnean flooring. Karndean provides the effect of a variety of flooring styles. Offering all of the aesthetic benefits and individuality of wood, marble, limestone and slate, while also being a lot easier to fit and maintain.

Karndean flooring is carefully designed. Each end every tile and plank is made with different colours and shades, to ensure they do not look mass produced or manufactured.

Karndean flooring is also warmer to walk on and more comfortable than walking on other hard floors. As Karndean isn’t porous it is much easier to clean and is resistant to both spills and water damage.

Pehaps the most impressive thing about Karndean is its of strength. It is extremely hard wearing, utilising the latest technology to create extremely durable materials. This not only means your flooring will last a very long time, but it will also be resistant to any wear and tear.

Hard Wearing

Karndean has been tried and tested in both commercial and retail environments. It has been proven to handle this type of rough treatment time and time again, so you can rest assured it is more than tough enough for any domestic usage.

Even if a Karndean plank or tile was to become damaged, they can be replaced very easily. This is a major advantage over other types of flooring such as carpet, linoleum, vinyl and laminate. Damage to these types of flooring can mean that you have to replace the whole floor.

Advantages Over Other Flooring

Real wood and laminate flooring can expand, warp and shrink. Karndean flooring however will maintain its shape regardless of heat and moisture levels. Real wood also requires maintenance including sanding, staining and lacquering. Karndean on the other hand requires none of this.

Stone and marble flooring can become extremely cold to the touch. Karndean is much warmer and is fully compatible with underfloor heating. Stone and ceramics also have the problem of becoming slippery when wet. Karndean flooring has a textured surface making it perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms.

Carpets are a breeding ground for dust mites or bacteria. With Karndean flooring you will have neither of these problems as it is so easy keep clean. Perfect for children and pets.

Laminate flooring almost always provides an obvious uniform/manufactured look. To overcome this issue, Karndean utilises technology and brand new manufacturing processes to ensure a natural, non-uniform look. Laminate flooring also has the problem of moisture causing the top layer of the product to de-laminate. This makes it unsuitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. As Karndean is water resistant and textured, it is perfect for use in any room.